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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just play time

While in Florida last winter, my friend Carol P. and I would always hit Michael's and JoAnn's several times a week. Of course, I head to the 'sale' aisle first off and I found many Golden products over 1/2 off. I happened into my 'cabinet' the other day and spotted some of my 'buys' and thought, heck, let's play! Yes, I talk to myself often but I enjoy the conversations!

I've been doing lots of Zentangles lately and wanted to try creating some doodles on canvas rather than paper and just playing with what art I can do on canvas without drawing. Since I trace all my drawings (I can't draw at all) I thought of some type of transfer process. So, I printed out on transparency film a picture of a Valentine fiber card I made a few years ago. Here's the printed film (I used my HPDeskjet D1430). Hard to see but it's there!

This is the film on top of a small canvas piece I've already stenciled on with some acrylic paints. The first transfer I did was onto a larger canvas (11" x 14"). I applied the gel medium onto the canvas then applied the transfer and rubbed with my finger and then used my brayer.

Here's the transfer onto the larger canvas. Looks pretty good I think!

I really like the look of the transfer so thought I'd add some 'doodles'. I'm not that thrilled with my doodles but it's a good practice piece. I found the canvas substrate to be really rough to draw on due to ridges (I had applied some gel medium to the entire piece hoping it would fill in some of the ridges). I have a project in mind so I want to try and get this technique down pat. Just a work in progress for now. I'm going to use acrylic paint onto the background before I start with my doodles next time.
This was the 2nd transfer I did with the transparency and it came out pretty good. You can see the stenciled areas quite well. I did color in the entire piece using watercolor pencils. I had a pic here but deleted it and it's too hard to move pics around so...the colored piece turned out quite nice. This is 5"x7".

While waiting for my transfer to dry, I fused some batting onto a piece of fabric and painted it with fabric paint. These will be used for fiber postcards.
So, off I go to watch Nick at flag football practice then both kids are coming back home to spend the night with grandpa and I. Kids are all coming up tomorrow for a light brunch to celebrate Dawn's BD (which is Monday). It will be nice having all the kids around!!! I'm excited and looking forward to the weekend. Lots of cooking and love!!!


  1. If you want to work on canvas, but need a smoother finish, try giving it a couple of heavy coats of gesso, then use emery cloth to sand it smooth. What you will have will be a very velvety, absorbant surface. Of course, you need artists grade gesso, not the lesser one....$$$. But it makes a nice surface!
    Have you considered the cradled wood panels for these ideas?


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  3. What fun stuff. I see I haven't played around enough with gel.

    Love your doodles.

  4. I love the whole "what if?" factor of mixed media. It's neat to see your experiments. :D


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