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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Two for Tuesday

Two for Tuesday - actually Bob hasn't golfed since last Friday so it's 'two of us' today again. Actually we have his Dr. appointment for his pre-surgery exam. 'Mum' has to go to make sure everything is covered. We rec'd a half inch book of what to expect, do and don't do before hip replacement so lots of pages are highlighted already!
Yesterday I worked on a fiber post card, which I'll post later this week and then started back on my DIL's BD table runner. She's already seen the runner but I wasn't totally happy with the colors. This is a small area before I started working on it again yesterday.
Lots of circles and triangles but not enough contrast so I grabbed some green/black Isocord thread and did some more stitching on it. I liked the contrast the stitching added so I finished all the geometric designs last night.
And some more beading finished on my BJP. I did the rope stitch on the 'veins' and I'm not sure if I'll fill in or not. I will be filling in the bottom area I outlined with delica's. I'm getting bored with the green beads so I'm going to switch to blues.
We also had to purchase a new furnace! Yikes! I know, hard to think about 'heating' the house with our temps in the 90's. We knew furnance was 'going' this past spring and after taking it apart Bob found the problem. The repair was half what a new one would cost (ours is 15+ years old). So we 'fed the economy' this past week. The new furnace sure runs quiet even with the air now (we did have the company back out to reset for the air). Also had a letter from IRS that we made a mistake on our 2008 taxes! Yikes! They were right! We always use Turbo Tax but a tiny, tiny, tiny (ok, so it wasn't that tiny!) field was left blank which caused the error. So another check went in the mail yesterday! Guess we won't be going out to dinner after the Dr. appt today!


  1. Wow! your bead project is getting more is gorgeous!

  2. Robbie that beading is so beautiful! Is the quilted background something you dyed yourself?? It reminds me a lot of the painted bird project. Detailed and flowy and lovely. And thank you for the Netflix advice! I think I will for sure do it now. It's good to know I'm not alone in needing more than one thing to occupy myself at a time!

  3. And I keep meaning to say that Amber looks so much like Kiernan Shipka- she plays Sally on Mad Men. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the show, but goodness they look alike. You'll have to let her know that she has a famous twin!

  4. Thanks, Lindsay! Yes, the background for this BJP is a piece of hand dyed (actually from several years ago!). And good for you on the Netflex! I was quilting a table runner this afternoon while 'watching/listening' to a movie! It's the best! No I don't watch Mad Men but I'll check it out and let my GD know! Thanks!


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