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Friday, August 27, 2010

Another day of beading

This is my BJP for August. It's the design I showed on a previous post from a 17th century embroidery pattern. I first traced the pattern then colored in with my watercolor pencils and then quilted the background. So now it's beading time! I've just started beading the leaves. The circle imprint you see around the center is from my hoop. I use a hoop when I bead but the marks come out easily.

Someone asked what I do with my journal pieces..think I've answered this before in a post but I'm happy to explain. I keep all my journal pieces in a binder with plastic sleeves for each year. This way they are all in one 'book' format and I can go back and look at each year's work or show them to other artists if they are interested. Perhaps one day I'll put some in an exhibit because they do look nice on the wall too.

Today was beading of another nature! For Amber's BD, I gave her a 'bead class' at the bead shop near her house called, Beadifferent. This is another really nice store and so today was Amber's first bead class! She made a beaded memory necklace and earrings. Amber picked out her own beads and I think she did a great job selecting the colors!
Here are her finished beading pieces. We had some left over beads so I'll put together a bead box for her. I have several extra boxes Auntie gave me when she cleaned out her beading supplies.
Here she is working hard!
I think her workspace is very organized!
I think Amber was pleased with herself that she made something so nice! I certainly was impressed with what a nice job she did. Anna was the young lady who taught Amber and she did a great job. Anna was very professional and patient and represented Beadifferent extremely well! She's only 19 but a nice and talented young lady.
So that was our day today. I started out with my usual migraine both yesterday and today..ugh..but I did get to stop by and see Dawn after I dropped off Amber, which was nice but she was busy with working from home so as usual I felt like I shouldn't interrupt her work. She's always so busy either traveling for her job, working from home or just running errands to catch up for the time she's away from home. At least it was nice to see her for a few minutes. She's under so much stress right now they her job and the company she works for. But she'll make it..she's a strong young lady.


  1. Wow---this is going to be spectacular! I still don't know how you do it...
    I think I would so enjoy working in small format again, but still, a large piece begs to be finished.
    And I must listen! ;)


  2. Gorgeous beading, gorgeous stitching!!

  3. So pretty! The quilting is exquisite and those colors are just beautiful.

    Sorry to hear about your migranes. That's the pits.



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