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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Park & Painting MQAI

Yesterday was play time with grand kids. We went to the new Playscape at the county park. The rocks on the flyer are from Nick's 'fossil dig'!

Kids started off playing on the 'cattails'. The flooring in the playscape is all rubberized and actually was laid out and maintained really well.

This is the view as you come into the playscape. It's suppose to represent 'up north' in Michigan.
After playing out in the 80+ degree sun, we decided to walk in the woods along the trail. Nice and shady and we had a fun time looking for frogs, birds and just listening to nature sounds! Yep...if you 'gotta' go, you 'gotta' go!
This is the fossil dig the kids played in. Really Nick played it in for quite sometime. Amber was having a major hot flash at this point and wanted to just go home. Another view of the playscape. The small cabin in the back was really cute for kids and built very well.
They have slate rocks all around the entire area, which Nick had to climb.
Flowers were planted everywhere!
Closeup of the cabin
Back home Amber worked on making clay 'thank yous' for folks who were at her BD party.
Nick put together his first model airplane. He did a great job! He read the instructions and followed 'snapping' the pieces together. He's quite patient when he works on things.
His completed model!
Amber filled this tray up with her little clay 'thank yous'. She did a nice job and had name tags next to each one.
So just to show I did do some 'quilting' work last week end. I finished quilting this small piece using some of the painted tyvek birds I did last month. This was my practice piece for my MQAI quilt.
Colors aren't great on this one but I finished the quilting of the bird and today I'm going to quilt the background and then burn away some of the Tyvek! Yippee! I love that part! burning!!
So that's about it for now. Friday night a few of us are going to Lapeer to attend an opening reception at the Gallery 194 . Mary does beautiful art work and her quilts will be a compliment to the glass by David Hilty which is also on exhibit. Should be a nice evening.

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