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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Yep, it's going to be a 'lazy Sunday' for us. We were up late last night watching our beloved Lions as they played Colorado. They won but it doesn't matter much as it's preseason but they won! Did I mention that! The 1st string looked really good which we were excited about! Bob and I both just love football so we're looking forward to the games. While watching the game, I did get lots of beading done on my July BJP but I'll wait to post pics when it's finished, which hopefully will be early this week.

Our friends, Tony & Carol, from Florida are here in Michigan for the summer/fall enjoying time with their kids and grand kids. Tony and Bob are planning a golf day on Tues. and Carol and I are/were going to meet for a day of girl stuff. Carol called last night and she's in severe pain with a bad shoulder, which she hurt while exercising. Go figure, right! Good excuse for me not to exercise with weights. Carol's SIL has a Dr. appt. for her on Monday so hope she gets better soon!
If it doesn't rain today, I might meet Mary and head to the market. I love the fresh veggies and just the market atmosphere.
I found this YouTube from Pam Holland's blog and you have to watch it, but grab a tissue along with that cup of joe or glass of wine (too early??). It's so heartwarming!!! Enjoy! And hope we all have a Lazy Sunday today!


  1. heartwarming, yes, but i couldn't watch it all...i've got tears streaming down my face.

  2. oh and i forgot to say earlier...i'm also going to keep an eye on your lions this year. you guys suh this year from MY team last year...the cornhuskers! he's awesome and i hope he has an outstanding rookie year for you.


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