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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So much to do...

Yep, there's a lot to do before Bob's surgery next week for his hip replacement! Today we had pre-admission testing and drawing of his blood for blood typing. They also asked lots of questions and we all laughed through most of the process. Funny story, Bob had to give a urine sample, which he proceeded to go into the room and do so...when he came back the tech said she need to draw his blood and started to look at his arms for a vein. She said "you have a big one"..of course, Bob and I just looked at one another and then she said "I bet others have told you that too". I asked if they had two way mirrors in the bathroom and of course we all laughed so hard the poor tech almost couldn't draw his blood. We had lots of laughs before that but that was the most we laughed. She did say as we were leaving "you two are funny". So after that we picked up Bob's walker and some other items he'll need upon arriving home after surgery. Next up was our flu shots and Bob was lucky enough to get two! He had to have a pneumonia shot as well.

I had a phone call last week regarding one of my SOTB quilts in the MQAI show. Seems somehow it got some type of candy or something on it from another event they had at the gallery..this is a before pic.....
and these are some pics I took when I picked it up today....these are just two of the 14 pictures I took..that's at least 14 spots that I found. Front and back.

You know...these things happen and when you put your artwork on exhibit you lose all control over what can happen to your art work. I'm not upset...I just don't like to 'repair''s like hemming pants! I hate to do any mending at all..maybe I'll just make another one!! OK, so I won't..the stitching alone took me forever on this piece (you have to click on the original picture to see all the hand stitching). So no big deal...I'll get it done but there are other things I want to play with...for example....
This is a small section of my Sept. BJP
And another small section of the beading...
And this little guy is on it as well! Guess you can figure out it's an underwater theme, right! Geezzz I hope so!! It's coming along and I hope to be finished before Bob goes in on Tues. for surgery.
I have made a beaded needle case and started on another one and I'll be working on my October BJP as soon as I firm up my design. Figure I'll be in my sewing room lots when Bob gets home and while he's in the hospital, I'll need some hand work (beaded needle cases are perfect hand work!). I get all my wooden needle cases and beading patterns from Beth at UntilWeBeadAgain. Beth does some beautiful beading as well as making Raku beads. Make sure to check out her work!

After all our running around today, Bob hooked up the receiver to the TV and DVD player. This is a pic of Mandy who was very bored watching us. She barely fits on my chair! But she sure does love sitting in it. And yes, we still pick her up and put her down as she still isn't doing the jumping or stairs yet.
Bob plans on golfing tomorrow and I'll be picking up kids from school. That's all for today..whew..glad it's almost over.


  1. I'm going to not even touch the drawing of the blood, or this won't be abler to be published! LOL!!!
    However---there is no excuse for the state of the quilt. Any show is supposed to have people around the quilts all the time, period. A lot of times (and I know this from personal experience) people are in such a hurry to take things down, vendors, etc, that soda, food, whatever--gets in places it should not be. They ought to offer some compensation on the piece, period.
    Now I'm back to my leaves and fusing and making of the tree.
    And when it is done, I think I'll hang myself from one of those branches..... ;D


  2. Hey Robbie! Too funny! I can just picture you two... :D Just wanted to let you know that I will be keeping you and Bob close in my thoughts and prayers next week. It will fly by and he will be on the mend in no time.
    Take Care,

  3. Oh my goodness, I'm with Anne on this one- seeing those spots on that quilt would have made me cry! You are so calm! Although I imagine that a hip replacement would take precedence. And I think that the t.v. was a smart move, just in time for Bob to be able to recover in front of it!!!

    And I'm in love with the snippets of your September BJP! That looks like so much fun! I've been bead-lazy lately.

  4. Anne, yes, the gallery is going to compensate for any and all work required to put the quilt back in the show. I agree they needed to be more careful as to events being held around our work. Interestingly, this is the first time a quilt has been 'damaged' to my knowledge. We did have one stolen but they caught the person on video and they were able to retrieve the quilt (not this same gallery). Plz don't hang yourself from the will make your quilt crooked!

  5. I am so glad you can laugh about Bob's experience. From my experience of sitting by the bedside, it does need to be something small and in a container that you can quickly close when the loved one calls for assistance.

    Best of luck with the operation and recovery.

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