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Friday, October 1, 2010

Just a little SLICE, please...

No, not a slice of pizza! A 'QUILT SLICE'....For those of you who aren't familiar with creating an 'SLICE project' you can check out a writeup from the QuiltArt web site here that was written in 1999. My friend Carol T. thought this would be fun for she and I to each pick a picture and create our own SLICE. Keep in mind this was back in Sept. of 2002!

I noticed the other day that Ellen Lindner posted a note on the QuiltArt digest asking if anyone has participated in doing a 'slice' project. So I sent Ellen our first SLICE pictures and she asked that we post on our blogs our SLICE projects. Here are Carol's and my SLICE's.

I don't have the original picture we worked off of but this is Carol's finished piece. We worked from a picture of an outside ornament! Just in case you're wondering what this little guy is!

Carol did the left side by painting the snail directly onto fabric using fabric paint, acrylics and markers then she hand appliqued the snail. She free motion quilted to produce the woods; top stitched with metallic threads and couched using copper DMC thread to form the antenna.

I did the right side by layering tulle and free motion embroidery to create the tree fabric; free motion embroidery on craft bond and stabilizer to make the small blue piece; oil pastels used for the eye; satin stitching and hand applique for yellow area and hand embroidery for antenna.

I'm sure most will recognize my piece. It is the picture of the Afgan girl taken by Steve McCurry and appeared on the cover of National Geographic Magazine. I did send a picture of my finished piece and received a reply back from him saying he "was pleased with our effort". I think we captured this girl looking as she did in 1985 on the left and as she did in 2002 when Mr. McCurry found her again!

I did the left side using oil pastels for the face and eyes; couched Maderia threads for her hair; free motion quilted and layered a collage of fabrics for her veil.

Carol did the right side. For the veil, hair and face she traced the picture and cut out templates then hand appliqued. She also colored with pens and pastel crayons. For the face she did a tracing using a gray scale picture and traced onto heat and bond. She colored and stitched as needed using satin stitching and free motion quilting.

I think for our first try at a SLICE we did pretty good! So good in fact, we talked others in our small fiber group to do a challenge back in 2005! So once I get every one's ok to post those pictures I'll do so. If you're looking for a cool challenge, check out perhaps doing a SLICE! I'd be happy to share our so called 'rules' for completing our just email me.


  1. Oh I remember that photo from Nat Geo so well; the girl's eyes were piercing and I always wondered what type of life she had.
    I think both pieces turned out great; I think the portrait is even more stunning just because of content and difficulty ir pulling off a good portrait in fiber!


  2. These are wonderful! I always loved that photo from NG and found the follow-up articles interesting too. These slice quilts always look so interesting -- yours are beautiful.


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