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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Where did he go???

He's not here....

Nor is he here...

There he is!!!! The pictures above are the waiting room after every one else left except me! I was still hunting for my hubby!
Bob's doing great after his hip replacement! Surgery took a little longer than they told me so I started getting REALLY nervous after the 3rd hour! Dr. said he did GREAT! In fact, Bob is only on oral meds to control the pain (no morphine!) and he told the nurse on a scale of 1 - 10 his pain was a ZERO! I know tomorrow he'll have some discomfort with physical therapy and getting up in the chair, etc. But I'm so glad he's comfortable now! he just called me to say he's still feeling great! In fact, while I was there he ate an entire meal! I forgot to tell the nurses that Bob will eat whatever you put in front of him! and he did!! He even drank a container of milk! he never drinks milk except in cereal. It was rather funny. So my BFF is doing well and thanks to all those who helped with the prayers and good thoughts! Keep them up so he does well in his therapy and can come home early!


  1. i'm glad to hear he's doing well. hopefully he'll continue with little to no pain...that would be great!

  2. Yay Bob! Mend up soon! Sounds as though things couldn't have gone much better and I am relieved for you both. I have known at least 4 people who have had this done and had great success. Take care.

  3. This is great news Robbie!! :)

  4. Thanks, one and all!! The thoughts and prayers have helped Bob SO much!! We are so thrilled at his progress and hope it continues! Again, thanks one and all.

  5. Hi Robbie,

    I am glad for you and hubbie that everything went well, and thoughts with you after he comes home.



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