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Monday, October 11, 2010

And so the week begins

I did finish sewing together my Klee piece! I'm very happy with it and I only have to come up with some type of border as the finished size needs to be 16" x 20" and my piece is only 12" x 18" and that's with edges quite unfinished! They have to be evened out.

Here's what the back looked like after all the sewing. Once the basting stitched were removed, the paper just slipped out easily. I'm saving the pattern never know!

I just played with a design for my October BJP and printed the design on my commercial fabric that I dyed awhile back. It's bright orange and yellows but I think it will represent fall.

I'm going to try and get this piece quilted up so I can start beading tonight. I also played around with using oatmeal as a resist based on the Quilting Arts article in their latest issue (Oct/Nov). Lis Kerpoe wrote the article and my dye is now 'cooking'. I just used leftover dye from our dye camp so not sure about the strength but I'm sure I can use the fabric somewhere or over dye it if necessary. I'll post pics tomorrow of my progress/process.
Our week is starting out great so far. Bob's still doing so good and now is up to exercising three times a day. We're going to start going up and down the front outside steps multiple times to get him used to going up and down! He's quite capable of getting up from his chair and wandering around the house. I just have to make sure if I run to the grocery store that I take Mandy with me. There's no way he can open the door to let her out but that's ok. She enjoys getting out of the house. So that's it from the hospital/therapy ward! We're doing well and look forward to more progress each day!

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