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Saturday, October 23, 2010

End of our week

Before I get into our week. Check out my Halloween pin I won from Tracey over at A Beadiful Mess! Tracey had a blog give-a-way and I won! I thought this pin was cute as could be from the picture on her web site but in person it's adorable!!! I'm also intriqued by the peyote pattern she did. Thank you Tracey!!! It's going to be on my coat until after Halloween!

Bob had his Dr. appt this week and he did walk into the office using his cane. He wanted to walk in without anything but by the time we got into the waiting room his hip was hurting pretty good. Chairs in Dr's. waiting rooms aren't the best. Dr. said Bob was doing great and he could putt and chip in another week or so. But the past few days Bob's been hurting a bit by mid afternoon. He isn't taking any Tylenol or Vicodin and I think he should at least take Tylenol in the a.m. He has taken Vicodin at night for the past two days which really helps him. He's also setting a timer to make sure he gets up every hour and walks around the house or else we go outside for a walk. He needs to keep moving and not sit in the chair all day. We still are SO pleased with his progress.

So I finished my leaves on my BJP for October and now I'm working on the middle area. I'm going to fill in with seed beads after I finish the spiral. I have to figure out why the color of my pictures aren't coming out when I upload them. Might have something to do with how I take the pictures. I've tried different settings but I'm still at a loss. Guess I need to ask the expert, my daughter! Photography is her 'thing' and I'm sure she could give me some pointers.

I'm also just about finished with my fiber group challenge which is creating a piece of art work based on a poem. I had fun with this one too but I can't post pics until after Nov. 13th. That's our Christmas party here at our house. It's always a nice time with lots of food, drink and show and tell. It's the one meeting time that we aren't working on any technique and just have time to sit and talk. I do look forward to this party plus, I get to put up my Christmas tree so that's done and behind me!


  1. Gorgeous Bobbie! I am so pleased to hear you liked your pin! I love 2 drop peyote, it goes so quickly. I am happy that your hubby is doing so well after his hip replacement. Thats got to be a hard surgery to recover from. I have had several neck and back surgeries myself and its hard to recover from them. I always hated having to use a cane and especially wear a neck brace for 6 months after my surgeries. Tell him to hang in there and he should use his pain meds. It takes longer to recover if you are in constant pain. He will be off them soon enough. Hugs!

  2. Lovely,

    Can anyone join the BJP?

    Glad Bob is progressing, our doctor's rooms have higher chairs for those who find it difficult to get out of the lower ones.


  3. congrats on your win...cute pin! glad to hear hubby is doing well. it will take some time, but it sounds like his progress is really coming along. your bjp is turning out beautifully...can't wait to see more from you!

  4. This is just gorgeous -- I love that you used different colors on the leaves.

    The pin is awfully cute too.

  5. Gorgeous work Robbie! I just saw your post on Bob's surgery. I hope the pain lessons each day.

  6. Hello! What beautiful work you do! I am so happy that I stumbled upon your blog through a friend, A Creative Dreamer!

    I am now one of your latest followers! Hope you have a great week! Sharon


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