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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Baby's 1st Steps!

Here's my baby's 1st steps today! Bob is still doing great! He walked (with walker, of course) several times today and we had PT twice. Everyone said he's doing wonderful and way ahead of where he should be. Tonight will be the 'tell' they thought he might be hurting a bit due to how much progress he did today.
So here are Baby's 1st steps today after less than 24 hours after surgery!


  1. ouch! {{sending healing vibes to your hubby and a BIG HUG for you}} It's just as stressful on a spouse during times like this... I pray for a fast and healthy recovery!

  2. Wow! Robbie I am so impressed with your Bloke!


  3. Wow!!! Less than 24 hours out! That's so great! Send him our good wishes!

  4. He is doing AMAZING.....and yes, he is way ahead of where he should be, and that is great!!!

    Anne.....fellow *hipster*


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