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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Beading, Bob and Basting!

I did get some beading finished during Bob's surgery and after while visiting with him in the hospital. At least I didn't just sit there! I can't sit still long unless I'm eating or drinking a margarita! I'm using Beth Murr's 'honeycomb' pattern that I purchased on her web site. I like Beth's patterns and she has great video's to help get you started on peyote beading. check out her web site for some of her great clay works in addition to her beading.

Beth's original pattern has a bumble bee in the center of it but I just liked the honeycomb pattern, so I modified it somewhat. I have to finish beading the tops but otherwise these are 99% finished!

No, this isn't Bob's hip! Isn't this cute! Bob got a certificate (photo below) stating he graduated from his physical therapy (actually a day early!).
Along with the certificate, you received either a hip pin or a knee pin. This really is identical to what Bob had put in! I think I'll keep this little one for my birds in case they need a hip replaced! That's about the size of their legs!!

Bob is doing FANTASTIC!!! He has zero pain about 90% of the time so he doesn't' even need to take pain meds more than once or twice a day! He's been doing his exercises faithfully and I bought him a tally finger counter so he can count his own reps (he's up to 35 reps now and has to get to 50). I called Amber last night and was telling her how many exercises/reps grandpa had to do and she multiplied it out - as of yesterday he was up to 360 but today he's up to 420! I'm really proud of how much effort he's putting forth but we also see the results which after less than a week he's way ahead of schedule. He uses the walker but he'll stand on his own to change his shirt or just standing outside after his walk. Just amazing! We think his Dr. (Bruce Lawrence) is the best!!

Now about basting...Laura Kemshall had a video on English paper piecing but not using the technique for contemporary designs but for abstract designs. Before Bob's surgery I had my drawing all marked up and ready to pick out color and fabrics!
Laura recommended you play with colored markers on a copy of your pattern to help decide which fabrics/values you want. I did MANY more than the two below! Just because I had a hard time deciding which color to start with. My drawing above is based on some of Paul Klee's designs so I'm going to finish this for our Inspired by the Master's exhibit. I don't expect to get any of the quilting or hand stitching finished on this before we get to Florida but at least I'll have the top finished.

Yesterday, after Bob got home from the hospital, I started in selecting the colors and fabrics based on the bottom (I think!) drawing I colored in (well, close to it anyway!). I chose a silk duponi fabric for the yellow/orange piece and the rest are just commercial fabrics I had in my stash. I basted all the pieces yesterday in the afternoon and at night. Now I'm ready to sew them together. I do remember making my first quilt using the English paper piecing technique for one of the squares, Grandmother's flower garden!

So off to watch the Michigan/Michigan State game! Tomorrow the Lions are on and I'll either bead or finish this piece (I hope!!!). There are some tricks to follow based on Laura's knowledge she shared so I hope my curved pieces they fit together!!
Thanks again to all our family and friends for the great thoughts and prayers for Bob! They certainly worked!!


  1. That is fantastic about Bob's amazing recovery! maybe you could use the hip pin for an earring, or add it to some beading project. or maybe Bob wants to make a key fob out of it? I love your beaded needle cases, such perfect beading on them!

  2. I still think your bloke is amazing! Well done Bob!
    You are way ahead of me with the English Paper Piceing that Laura has showed us! I'm stuck on design. I can't find the right image.



  3. Hey.....I didn't get a hip pin. >:[
    So glad he is doing well--he will be going full bore before you know it. I'm telling you, husband leash!
    Love the beaded covers for the needle containers---you and Jan and those beads!
    I bow in awe!
    Take care!


  4. Hi Robbie,

    Will be waiting to see your rendition of the Klee painting.

    I have been introduced to shading values before fabric selection it certainly makes it easier.

    Congratulations to Bob.



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