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Saturday, October 16, 2010

What fun!

What fun I had yesterday and today! A few posts ago I showed a project (here and here) I was working on based on Laura Kemshall's English paper piecing video. I did finish my "Klee" pieced top but I've not quilted it yet for several reasons. I did however want to try Laura's 3rd part which is attaching your work to a gallery wrap canvas. I have two pieces that I've attached to canvas, both using a different technique but I love Laura's method. In all fairness to Laura & Linda Kemshall I'm not going to document the process other than show you two pics. If you want to see/learn, you'll have to go to their web site and sign up for the video's!
This was part of a leftover quilted piece I had from my Underwater Fantasy quilt panel. In fact, I used a piece of this for my Sept. BJP. I would test out different threads to use in my actual panel on this piece. Hence, some of the stitiching is kinda funky but a good piece to start with.
And here is my quilted piece painted and attached to the canvas. I took the picture against a white wall so the line you see around the piece is the gallery wrap canvas. I really like how this turned out and now I'm really excited to make some other pieces using this technique.

Yesterday when I wrote my 'book reviews' I forgot this book! And it's definitely one to read! I saw Casey Anderson a few weeks ago on GMA and ordered the book from our library. It's such a wonderful, interesting, funny and educational read! I love this book!! Of course being an animal lover, I'm drawn to stories about animals and this one certainly didn't let me down.

So, hubby is still doing great. He did get a little down yesterday but we figured out why. Bob has to do 6 different sets of exercises, 30 reps per leg 2-3 times a day! That's alot for sure and because he was having some discomfort with doing them he thought he'd break up the sets and do 3 then wait and do 3 more. Only problem, he would end up doing nothing but exercises ALL day long. That would be a downer for anyone, believe me!

So today we both (yep, this old body is doing them with him - I'll tell you why later) did the exercises all at one. Plus, I had Bob lie as flat as he could in his chair. At the hospital, they had him sitting up in a large lounging type chair doing PT. In looking at the booklet from the hospital, they have you lying in bed flat. I think Bob was pulling and stretching way too much. The exercises aren't thighs were killing me after the 3rd set so I can only image how they felt for Bob. We did finish all the sets/reps in a little over 40 min. But now he's done until dinner time. We also went for a LONG walk this a.m. before breakfast. We're going to try some stairs today too (he has gone up and down some stairs the other day without any problem).

So why am I doing exercises with Bob...well, for a few reasons..One, misery loves company so this way he'll have someone in misery along with him....two, I bought a bike for Florida! Actually, our friends (in Florida, Peggy & Sammy) found a bike for me w/helmet! It's a 10 speed Schwinn and really brand new! I'm really excited since I love riding bikes but figure the exercises will help my hips and knees so I can keep up with Peggy! Let's hope!!


  1. Robbie, I love your canvas mounted piece!

    I'm only half way through piecing mine. I;m still umming and arring about whether to paint it or not!

  2. Lovely Robbie. Really nice techniques

  3. You do such lovely work, Robbie. I love your blue piece, very spare and clean lines.

    Good for you to be doing the exercises with Bob. It has got to be good for you both, I congratulate you.

  4. I love the idea of combining quilting and canvas! I always wanted to work embroidery or quilting or something into my work on canvas and paper in art classes, but I never could figure it out. I had to look at the close-up version of the picture to see exactly how you'd put it together.

  5. I love your blue piece. And so happy your hubby is doing so well.


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