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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Looks good from a 747 but.....

Yep, above picture is or was my BJP I've been working on. Today, actually, last night I got thinking it just look messy. I wasn't happy with the beading/fish bone stitching so this afternoon, I took out ALL the beading I had done.

Here's why! Check out the far left leaf and how even it looks. Now look at the leaf next to it. UGH! Not very neat! Excuse the color of the pics..the first picture is more in line with the color of the fabric. Not good to take pictures at night.

This is lots better....I beaded these this afternoon and I'm happier with them now. Some of the rows I had an extra bead or didn't pull the thread tight enough, hence, you can see a few rows 'up' but I can fix those and I will.

Here's my piece with the new beading on it. I hated having to start over and rip out work, but it just was too messy. Now I can continue on!
Hubby is still doing wonderful. We've switched to doing lots of walking which has really helped him out. Tomorrow is Bob's two week post op checkup and we're hoping for good news and less restrictions.


  1. You are right! It does look a lot better the second time around. I love this piece - it's so bright and colourful. PLeased hubby is still doing well. Good luck with the checkup!



  2. I think you're over critical of your work ~ I bet no one would have noticed that except for yourself. BUT... I'm like that too ~ if I'm not happy with something I'm doing ~ I'll do over too. Glad to hear that your hubby is doing better!

  3. Lovely design, but don't you just hate those moments when you have to unpick.

    I spent a day appliquéing a new design from my succulents only to have one area go completely wrong. I was doing raw edge without fusing. So it was back to step one and it is going much better.

    Beautiful weather here in Berri and it is the start of the Rose festival.


    PS hope all is well with Bob.

  4. This is lovely. Great colors. You are very talented.


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