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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Baby slept through the night! Almost!

Yep, Bob almost slept through the night. We only got up once after 3-4 hours of sleep. Whew..just like having a newborn and you're up every two hours. Although, we were both more tired this a.m. than other mornings..go figure, right!

Here's my Oct. BJP that I printed my design on. I did fuse on some edges just so I have some extra fabric to allow for quilting and to make sure it fits in my hoop while beading.
Quilting is finished and now the fun! Beading! But wait..I forgot about the hard part..deciding on what colors to use.

I did decide on the left but instead of the green I'm going to use a dark purple or eggplant..why, you ask..hmmm don't know..just getting tired of green. We'll see once the beading starts.

Here's the oatmeal resist pieces I started the other day. This technique was in the latest issue (OCT/NOV) of Quilting Arts magazine pg. 38 by Lisa Kerpoe. This is one of the pieces with the oatmeal drying on it. Kinda messy but worth a try.
One of the pieces with the dye/print paste applied. I used some leftover dye from dye camp so colors aren't great but I used up about 1/16! of the leftover dye! Geezzz Not sure what to do with the might hit the drain!
Here are the two pieces all rinsed out and ironed. Different...the pattern is interesting and I'm sure I can overdye and use somewhere. Not sure I'd use the oatmeal again. I'd prefer other resist methods (potato resin, etc.). You have to be careful of the oatmeal going down your drain if you aren't useing your garbage disposal!


  1. Your Oct BJP is looking wonderful. LOVE you colour choices, look forward to watching it progress

  2. I love the colors in your Oct. project. Not so sure about that oatmeal thing, I saw the article too but it just didn't call out to me to try it.

    Glad your man is continuing to do well.


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