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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tax Time!

I thought this cartoon was a hoot! And most likely what Bob was thinking last night as he anticipated doing our taxes today! Turned out to not be as bad as we/HE thought! Whew! This is the excuse Bob uses each year for us to go to Fl. in Dec. rather then staying through April. Maybe next year we'll stay for a few weeks into April and just file an extension. The weather was in the 60's when we got home on Thursday and rain on and off yesterday. Today it's sunny and quite pleasant out with temps in the low 50's.
Bob and I are still coughing but I think on the road to recovery, finally! This cold has held on for two weeks and kept us in slow gear for sure! I still have a cough, sore throat and swollen glands and Bob's cough is finally starting to break. He's had a headache for three days, more from nasal congestion. I don't want to be around the kids yet so probably won't see them until next week when I babysit. Sure don't want to come home and give the kids colds in addition to hugs and kisses!
The house is all clean, paint supplies all put away, laundry all done and I have my sewing room all put back and ready for my next project, which is making Kayla's graduation quilt. Kayla graduates the last weekend in May so we'll be spending the weekend in Indiana for her graduation ceremony on Friday and her open house on Sat. Should be a nice weekend and better yet if I get her quilt finished! So guess I better get busy and plan the quilt!

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