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Monday, April 20, 2009

Another What If Moment!

I'm working on page 3 of my Art Diary which will be using different transfer techniques. Yesterday, I played with the Liquid Sculpey Bakable Transfer Medium again. I've transferred pictures from a magazine which turned out really good before (I'll show those in another post) but I had one of those 'What If' moments. 'What If ' I could transfer some Deco Parchment leaves I had on hand. For some reason, I thought perhaps the ink would transfer as the magazine picture did. Well, it didn't but the results were really cool!
Here's the parchment leaf I had along with my transfer medium, spoon and glass dish. I found using glass to hold the medium cleans up easier then plastic.I took about a tablespoon of the Liquid Sculpey and using a spoon covered the entire leaf. I placed the leaf on an old piece of contact paper to work on. You can see how the transfer medium is very white on the leaf.
I then took my heat gun and dried the medium. You do have to be careful with the heat gun as it can burn if held too close. Your transfer will not longer be wet or tacky when it's totally dry. It will feel rubbery!
The next step is to place the dried, coated transfer in warm water for a minute or too. This is to remove the excess paper (the ink should transfer to the medium). You then rub the back of the transfer removing the paper. So I started rubbing and the entire parchment leaf came off.
This is the result! I have a leaf outline in the Sculpey! It's really cool!!! I am going to place it on my Diary page along with the other transfers I've done. Guess it does pay to 'What If'!
So with the rain today, Bob won't be golfing but will be taking his wife to dinner tonight. Agreement we made last night. We do need to run errands but I'll get to play some more today. I have a piece of snow dyed fabric my friend Mary gave me which is beautiful. I'm using it as my background for page 3. I want to get it quilted today then start placing my transfers on it. Can't wait to see how my new 'what if' leaf fits in! So have a 'what if' day today!

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