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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Start of another week

Hard to tell what day it is for us retirees! Isn't that have to go by what you watched on TV to know what the next day is! What's really bad is when we watch the Tigers on TV then we're totally lost as to what day it is!
Monday I went back to see my friend in the nursing home. I made two signs up for her 'For the Good Times' as this was a saying she would repeat time and time again. It just became her saying and anytime I hear it I think of Patty, even to this day.
I also printed out some old pictures of Patty (dark hair), Linda and myself when we worked at Dr. Kerr's. Wow! Here is one of the pictures that was taken in 1970's! Check out my huge glasses! Linda was a BEAUTIFUL girl and I mean beautiful. Skin like porcelain and so tiny! She did modeling and I remember she used to do hand modeling as well. Sadly Linda passed away of breast cancer before she turned 30! This picture was taken about about two years before Linda died.

I also took Patty a CD player and the Ray Price 16 Greatest Hits CD. He was a favorite signer of hers and 'For the Good Times' and 'You're the Best Thing that Ever Happened to Me" were to of her favorite songs. To this day when I hear them I think of Patty...I always have and always will. She started to cry when she listened to 'For the Good Times' but I told her not to cry but laugh at the memories...which we did. Patty is a hoot and we did laugh as she told some of her stories. I really want to write down some of these but couldn't really share on the 'net' and just not sure who would like to hear them.
I printed all the pictures and writings on PostIt note papers and put them on the wall at the foot of Patty's bed and one on the ceiling above her bed! At least she can look at the pictures and words rather then the gunk on the ceiling. Patty was sitting on the edge of the bed and looked better then on Friday. We had a really nice visit again for about an hour and I felt so much better leaving her.
Patty's husband called me on Sat. and said they are 'painting and fixing' up the rooms on the opposite end of the building and they'll be moving all the patients to the new area at some point in time. Who knows when! It just won't be soon enough! I didn't look at the new painted area yet but will on my next visit. I still think it's not as nice as the Medilodge in Sterling Heights (Patty is in the Medilodge of Rochester Hills) but I'll hold off any more of my opinions until I check closer next time.
I've been working on page 2 of My Art Diary. This time I was playing with sewing on metal using 36 gauge metal. If you click on My Art Diary at the sidebar it will take you to the 2nd pages (at the bottom) to see some of the metal up close. So off to dentist today for a cleaning then back home to work on page 3 of my Art Diary!

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