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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Monday, Monday

Well, hopefully we'll get my better half in to see the Dr. today! Finally! Bob and I both got a cold before we left Florida. Only problem, he liked it so much he's kept his for about 6 weeks! The dumb cough has held on and held on and he finally has decided maybe he should see the Dr.! This has been a real bugger of a cold. A lot of the friends we hung out with in Florida had this same cold and one of them actually ended up in the hospital with pneumonia! She's feeling better now but still having some complications. Now I just hope Bob doesn't have that!

So, in addition to the Dr.'s visit, taking Mandy to the beauty parlor, we'll also be picking up Bob's new car today. It's a Saturn Vue which is the same vehicle he already has except this is a 2009 model. It's a perfect car for him to 'toot' around town in and holds all of his golf clubs, hats (all 32 of them!) and sweaters and wind breakers. Honestly, the back seat is filled with clothes and hats! We both love the Saturn cars (I have the Outlook) and we're so sorry to see GM discontinue them. But that's another story........a sad one at that!

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  1. Praying the doc can do something about Bob's cold! Enjoy the weather.


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