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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Missing Friends & Food? and more transfers!

Last night Bob and I went to our local Mexican restaurant for an early dinner. We had a great meal and really good Margarita's but we did miss our Florida friends! The last few times we ate Mexican in Florida we were surrounded with at least 3 or 4 other couples. What fun we had..oh sure, Bob and I enjoy each others company but it's also nice to share a meal (and drink!) with friends. This was the first meal we've eaten out since arriving home. We almost didn't even go since we couldn't decide where to go. I don't think either of us wanted to go out that badly!

So back to doing some transfers. On they had a tutorial on Liquitex Tinted Image Transfers so thought I'd give it a shot. I first tried this using paper, per tutorial, but my transfer ripped badly so I tried it using muslin as my substrate. So, the first step was to mix Liquitex ink with Liquitex matte medium. I didn't have any Liquitex ink but I did have some Adirondack Alcohol Inks and Liquitex Acrylic paint.

Don't try using the acrylic paint as it was way too thick and results didn't work on the paper or on fabric because of that. The inks did work, hence, I'll only show those results. After mixing the medium with some ink, I used a brush and applied onto my muslin. That's on the left (I used a brown ink) and my picture from the magazine is on the right.
Next, you lay the picture on top of the painted area and let dry. I didn't use the heat gun, I actually was patient and let it air dry. What you see in this picture is the back of the magazine picture. Also, this picture is when I was using paper to apply the ink/medium to, so the pink flower with the butterfly will look different from the last picture. Did I confuse you?? I forgot to take pictures of the same process on muslin but you'll still get the idea. Same as last transfer, after the piece is dry, you place in water and let soak. With the fabric and medium, it did need to soak a little longer then the paper. Start rubbing to remove the paper from the muslin. Here's the results! Not too bad and this will be used on my Art Diary page 3.

I think I have enough transfers now for page 3. I did start quilting my background piece yesterday and hope to get the transfers sewn on sometime today. I'm trying to talk Bob into going to the Dr's. as he still has a bad cough...he's not a good patient!!

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