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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Race Day

Darrin had his Spring Adventure race yesterday and my DIL decided to surprise him at the finish line by taking the kids and 'Mum' with her! Wasn't that nice of her! Kris really does support Darrin in his racing and workouts and between the two of them are setting good examples for their kids. So here are so pictures from the finish line (which the guys got in WAY before we got there! - Guess we under estimated how well they would do!).

Ed, Darrin (my baby!), John and Scott. This is a two man team 10 hour adventure race. The start and finish line was only 20 minutes from the house which made it nice for everyone. And the weather was beautiful! Last year their adventure race consisted of 30 degree weather, snow, rain, sleet and just plain cold! So this was a nice change for the guys!
This race consisted of Trekking/Orienteering with a minimum of 4 miles trekking; paddling in a canoe at least 12 miles and mountain biking 15-25 miles. All of the mileage is dependent on the route and number of check points achieved. These racers travel through a variety of terrain from trails to dense brush, woodlands and swampy lowlands. You can't see all the scratches on their bodies but believe me they are there!

Here are the results. John and Scott came in first place overall with a time of 3:51 (p.m.) and Darrin and Ed came in 3rd overall with a time of 3:55 (p.m.). The race started at 8:00 a.m. and cut off was 6 p.m. Darrin also came in 2nd in his age group. Good job guys!!!
And of course the little ones enjoyed a picnic along with a friend! This dog was so sweet and patient. She just sat there waiting to see if she'd pick up a snack. I don't think she ever did! The kids were so good..climbing trees, taking pics and just enjoying the day outside!

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