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Monday, April 27, 2009

The Patient and The Tree Project

OK, so a patient and a tree don't necessarily go together...but the patient has a sinus infection (hmmmm, just like his wife said!) and Dr. put him on antibiotics (just like his wife said he needed). Wives are good for some if husbands would only listen. At least Bob got checked out and his chest was clear which I was concerned about. I did diagnose him as having bronchitis too. One out of two isn't bad!

So check out the finished Tree Project from the International Fiber Collaborative! This was the organization I sent leaves I made for it a few months ago. You can check my blog entry and see my leaves here. If you go to their web site, you'll see pictures of how the tree was installed and it looks like it was quite an undertaking. Isn't this a fantastic project!! So cool! I'm glad I participated in it...not sure where my leaves are but at least I know they are in good company!

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