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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Geezzzz - Keys!

On Wed. I arrived at the kids house, opened the garage but then couldn't get into the house. Duh! I remembered to put back the kids garage door opener when we arrived home from Florida but I forgot to put their keys in my car/purse. Oh well, worked out ok. Kids and I went to the library and Darrin left work early. I'm staying for dinner next week so that will be fun. Kids and I will make dinner for their mom and dad..that's always fun.
Sun is out and it's suppose to be really nice for the next few days. Can't wait to have the windows opened and fresh air blowing through the house!
Sewing day today with putting the sleeve on my Musings piece and then working some more on page 3 of my Art Diary. I'm doing mainly transfers on this page using transfer dyes on Lutradur, transfer paper, Translucent liquid Sculpey (which is great) and using Liquitex medium and inks. I have transferred a picture of a bird using the liquid Sculpey and TAP transfer paper. The Transfer paper was really slick. Normally you have to iron really hard and for at least 30 seconds but this transfer paper took seconds! Transferred very easy and didn't distort or stretch out. Only draw back you can't iron over the piece so I'll have to be careful but I would use/buy the product again. It's sold by Lesley Riley who is a wonderful fiber artist.

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