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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kayla's quilt

Well, I made great progress on Kayla's quilt the past two days. After taking Ricky Tims seminar in Florida, I just had to try some of his techniques. I didn't want Kayla's quilt to look like something for the wall so I tweaked my pattern somewhat. This first picture is the pattern I made up for the 'strip' part.
You start with making a swirl pattern then cut it up. Well, you know that's just what we quilters do. Buy fabric and then cut it up! Anyway, the next picture is the pattern pieces being sewn together.

After all the pieces are sewn together, you square up the piece then cut it into strips. I cut mine into 2" strips. I took the 'convergence' (purple) fabric and cut it into different size pieces, starting with 1" strips and ending up with a 5" strip for the ends (you need two of each of these strips so I had 12 purple strips). Here they are ready to sew together.
After they were sewn together, I made a 'swirl' pattern for 3 sides; added 1/4" inside border; a larger outside border and done! It looks a little distorted, but I was STANDING on my moving sewing chair while taking this picture of the quilt laying on the floor! I'm going to add some squiggly, circlely (are these really words!) to the piece then I'll be ready to quilt! YEA! I've actually had lots of fun working on this for Kayla's graduation. Sure hope she likes it!!
I have to order batting so I might put this project aside for a week or two. I want to start on page three of my Art Diary which is working with metal, based on the book by Ann Parr, 'The Art of Stitching on Metal'. I played with some metal in Florida on my Klimt piece and I was trying to discolor some pieces using Balsamic vinegar but that's another blog entry! So another good day to work on projects. I finally get to see the kids tomorrow! YEA! With both of us still sick, we were afraid to be around anyone. I think last night was the first night neither Bob nor I coughed in the night!

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