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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yep, this is my 'baby'! I give Darrin a lot of credit for continuing his workouts and races. He now has his own blog type page for his races. As a family, we're all so used to Darrin racing, we take for grated all he's accomplished. Now I can 'refresh' my memory by going to his web page. Quite interesting! Keep up the great work, son!!! He certainly is setting a good example for the kids as does Kris. Kris and Darrin keep the kids involved in working out and take them to the gym usually on the weekends. Too bad they can't take grandma and get her in better shape!
Yesterday, Carol and I did some shopping after lunch at Panera's and a stop at Michael's. Of course, Bob was jealous he didn't get to go shopping! Only kidding! So today is working some more on my Musings piece. I must stay home and work on it for sure today. We have the Master Garden show this weekend which Carol and I attend yearly.

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