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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday At The Master Garden Show

What a beautiful day for the Master Garden show and such stunning flowers! It's a good thing I don't live here in Florida, because each year I want to buy one of every flower I see at this show! The show is held at the Livestock Pavilion and vendors are set up in tents, which gives you some shade...yes, the sun shines here in Florida and it was 82 today when I got home so I'm sure it was warmer then that earlier in the afternoon. Again a nice pleasant breeze along with the shade of the tents and trees made it a wonderful day to be outdoors.
Just another shot of a vendors area.
Of course the Orchids are my most favorite,in addition to the Amarillo flowers. Check out the size of these! I almost purchased one to take home..and to be honest I was going to go back on the way out but I forgot!! I need stickie notes on my forehead!! vendor suggested I just purchase an Amarillo bulb from WalMart back in Michigan and see how it does. Because you can bring the bulb in during the winter months, she thought it would work just fine. I just might try that this spring.

This was a beauty! And gigantic!
And here is my favorite plants...orchids
This one looked like velvet and was spectacular!

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