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Monday, March 23, 2009

Crash! Then Withdrawal!

Well, we've been without our computer for the past few days! Talk about withdrawal! Yep, we are addicted to our computer and the Internet...but it's a good thing. It's a great tool for communicating with family and friends and learning new things...with all my art work packed away I was ready to go out of my mind! But I did have hand work to do which was a good thing. I also got some more laundry finished and items ready to be packed up for the move back home so I guess it wasn't a wasted time.

Back to our lives for the past few days. On Sunday, Bob and I went with our friends Sammy and Peggy to a Antique Car Show and Horse show all in one! The cars were really unique and in pristine shape. Actually, one of the gentleman is from here in the community but is also someone Bob knew from Davison, Michigan. His name is Dick Marr and he has a rare cycle car. You'll have to click on the writeup picture to read about this vehicle. It was really a sight to see. Dick takes this car all over and was in Flint, Michigan in July 2008 at the car show. With the ties back to Walter P. Chrysler, Dick certainly has a lot of history in his family. He was telling us he has blueprints and letters all pertaining to this vehicle. I'd love to see some of that history!
This is Dick with the 1914 Buick/Marr Cycle Car!
I kept waiting for Bonnie and Clyde to step out of one of these vehicles!

Is this classy or what!

There was an animal rescue league that had parrots, tortoise and other wild animals on display. This was a wolf that kept howling. I really felt bad for him..just because he wasn't out in the wild anymore.
This little fox was precious!!! And far enough away from the wolf, thank goodness!
The horse show consisted of two and four horse driving teams. I've seen this event only on TV so it was really interesting to see them navigate the entire wagon and team in person. Each obstacle was measured and there were only inches to clear with the wagon. Quite impressive in horsemanship. I'm not able to upload the video of one of the teams today. I'll try again tomorrow sometime.

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  1. So glad your computer's working again, Robbie, and that it wasn't a waste of time. That car is definitely something!


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