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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Klimt and leaves

About a month ago, I wrote about the International Fiber Collaborative project that was asking artists to make leaves (approx. 5" x 7"). Check out their web site of the leaves that have been submitted so far. This is quite a project! There are two pages of leaves received and you can also click on 'tree progress' to see how they are building the 'tree' base. Quite an undertaking for sure! They did receive my leaves and they are in the gallery on page 2.

A day or two ago, I posted about the Klimt piece I was working on. I finished the label and making the sleeve. Here again is the picture that I used for my inspiration.
This is a closeup of my background woven piece and the metal pieces that I stitched onto the background.
Here's my finished Klimt piece. It measures 17" x 20" which is the size each of the quilts are to be. It was fun to work on because I didn't have to do it! You only have to make an 'Inspired by the Masters' if you want to or if you like that particular artist. I'm happy with my piece and now I can focus totally on my 'Musings' piece that needs to be finished by the 3rd week in March! Pictures have to be sent into SAQA rep by March 31st which is the day we are leaving to head home. At least at this point..unless I can talk hubby into staying a week or two. I'm going to try and do that!
I got sidetracked with my present from Italy yesterday so I didn't get to post about the really good birthday dinner we had with Tony (it was his BD), Carol, Sammy and Peggy. We went to a Steakhouse and (my friends won't believe this!) I had steak! Beef! Yep, and I ate almost the entire piece. It really tasted good and it was cooked perfectly...burnt! Just the way I like it! We all went back to Carol and Tony's for cake which we had to almost force down our throats..we were all so full but I did suffer and ate all of mine! Surprise, surprise! A very nice evening. Gee, I wonder where we'll go next for dinner out!

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