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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Winter Art Fair

Carol and I did get up to the Winter Art Fair At Tioga and we're so glad we did. The weather and company were perfect!
This was my purchase of the day! It's a hand made bowl by FRANK DIGANGI. He had beautiful pieces and so unusual! Carol purchased a bowl that I'll take a pic of and post. It's a similar colorway as this one and just a beautiful. My pic is from the top down so you can see the color pattern inside. They are lead free and microwave and dishwasher safe. Not your typical pottery.

One of the first sights after pulling into the of Tioga Town Square were exclusive homes that looked like something out east or in New Orleans. Each home had porches that wrapped around the house and were so inviting. This is the street we parked on. These houses were on a smaller scale but again didn't look like your typical Florida house.
Your typical white picketed fence! The houses were so nice!!

This was a shot from one of the aisles showing vendor booths. The buildings on the right and left are the town square. Exclusive shops and cafes..very upscale. We're thinking of taking a girls day out just to visit all of the stores.

Of course, you always see birds at an art fair! These little guys were just great and their owners were very interesting to talk to. They also had a blue front Amazon, just like Grace, for 35 years before she died. Bob was thrilled to know we still have a few more years left with Grace! NOT!
Why yes, we did have lunch at Nature's Cafe! I had a vegetarian chili salad which was great. Carol had a grilled chicken, Asian type dish which she said was great as well. Of course we did stop for a Starbuck's break before lunch!
This is another 'small' house on the way out of the 'community'. They have tennis courts, play areas, club house, etc. Again, very exclusive. This house did remind me of New Orleans.
On our way out we browsed the rest of the neighborhood. I did pick up one 'home for sale' flyer which listed the home for $634,900! This was one of the smaller homes! Wonder what these folks do for a living. I'm sure the homes were for their 'winters' in Florida.

This is Anna Marie and Friends, a group that entertained art fair 'goers'. They were a lot better then the sound I picked up but take a listen. If I would have had cash on me, I would have purchased one of their CD's (yes, Bob, I know! I should carry cash!!). It really was a very, very nice day. Oh, we did end up going over the a shopping mall and walked the entire mall! I think we each got our waking in for the day!

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