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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weavers Guild Meeting

It's taken me quite sometime to upload pics in blogger today. I can't spend more time on computer so just look at the pictures and enjoy! I apologize if I don't have every one's description or name...
Pat made a name tag using card stock and the round one was made with her crayon/milk soaked fabric from last month. .

The pic on the right is a present given to me by Susan! She saved me some of her fabric scraps and gave me a box of pastel crayons her hubby picked up! How nice! You know I love the simple things in life and I was really excited to get this present!!!! Thanks again Susan!!
This is Tilly and is always there to greet us! She's a sweetheart (as as her mom, Caryl, who has hosted our group the past three months)! Thanks, Caryl!

Ladies working on their weaving 101 that Theo showed us today! Thanks, Theo!!
These are Susan's quilts for her guest bedroom. Really her sewing room but it transitions into a guest room beautifully.

Book and woven piece by Alice Griswold.

A beautiful Hawaii applique being worked on.

Would you believe this woven piece is by the Queen of Purple? Yep, when she was 15! It's her first woven piece.

This is a baby blanket that Betty made.

This is Betty's dishtowel for another weavers challenge. They had to make 27 I believe!

This is Betty's 'recipe' for the dishtowel.
A beautiful card made by one of the weaver's stamping friends. Really nice!

I tried to 'steal' this stamp! It's either very similar to the handmade wood stamps (Tjaps) from Indonesia or it actually is one. Really cool!!!

Guess who! Yes, she made the shoe laces and I'd assume the cuffs on her socks!
Caryl is crocheting this baby blanket. It's just the sweetest.
This was a small loom around 5 or 6"

Another loom..hope that's the right terminology!

These are some woven purses from Theo.

And some crayon/milk soaked fabric put to use! Both of these were made by Theo.

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