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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our week of C's! Computer Crash(es)!, Colds, Class and Cleaning!

Computer Crash(es)!, Colds, Class and Cleaning! Yep, that's what our world has been this past week! We started out with getting the laptop to the doctor but he wasn't a good patient so back he had to go for a 2nd round of treatments! So finally, all is well with the laptop and we hope to get a few more years or emails out of the little bugger!

On to 'colds'..yep, Bob and I both have our annual Florida colds! Not fun at all. This cold kept Bob at home for two days on the couch just holding his head up. I did start my Zicam (which I swear by!) and I was doing well until I stopped using the Zicam!

But then on to 'class'! My friend Susan and I attended a 3 day seminar with Ricky Tims! For you non quilter folks, Ricky is a phenomenal quilter and musician! I have one of his CD's titled 'Sacred Age' which I just love. You have to visit his web site and listen to his music (you can click and hear about 30 sec. of some of his songs that he wrote on his web site). Anyway, back to the seminar it was FANTASTIC! I've never been to a 3 day lecture type workshop but I learned so many tips and tricks and new methods to add to my tool box! I can't wait to get home and try some of his techniques. Plus, Ricky is a hoot!! He's a wonderful speaker and can tell story after story of his life and family. The first picture is from Thursday evening where Ricky performs his concert which was WONDERFUL! He played piano, trumpet and a native American flute! And in between told stories of his youth and how he started quilting - all due to his grandma! Anyway, the 3 day seminar was attended by over 400 women (Susan and I tried to count the chairs!). But you felt like you were getting individual lessons and this was all done in the most organized run seminar or workshop I've ever attended. I would definitely take a class from him in the future and would LOVE to go to his retreat in Colorado sometime.
In addition to Ricky, Libby Lehman conducted 3 sessions as well. This is one of her latest quilts and it was spectacular!! Each circle was cut out to reveal a lighter fabric underneath. She finished it with a 9mm satin stitch (only some of the high end Bernia's have this large of a satin stitch). It was a stunning and beautiful quilt. A method I will be trying this next year.

This next picture is the quilt that Ricky's father and he made together. His father made the Lone Star pattern in the center then Ricky added the applique feathers and of course his signature quilting which is BEAUTIFUL!! I've seen this quilt in person before and I've always loved it. Also, check out this link to CBS Sunday Morning. They did an interview with Ricky last year and there's some pics from the IQA show in Houston. It's about a 5-7 min. clip but quite interesting for folks who aren't familiar with quilting and those who are! Get that cup of coffee or tea and watch it.
I have lots of other pictures but you can see both Libby and Ricky's work on their web sites. Alex Anderson (Simple Quilts) also had 2 or 3 sessions and she is just as nice as could be!

So now it's Cleaning time! Yep, we're getting ready to head out on Tues. morning to head back home to good old Michigan! Let's hope spring is in the air and we won't have snow upon arrival! We're not ready for any cold, snowy weather that's for sure. I have the back seat of the car already packed up with ALL my sewing and painting supplies; bed area is ready for Mandy and Grace; Mandy had her bath this afternoon (now I need to comb her out! Ugh..that's TV work for tonight!). Tomorrow, we'll pack up our clothes and last minute items and be ready for take off!
It's always sad to leave Florida and our old friends and new friends. Our life is is so different from our life back in Michigan...but I guess that's what makes it so special

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