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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How the French celebrate St. Pat's day!

Our Host, Mr. O'Plante!
What another great evening last night at the O'Plante's! Yep, the French certainly know how to celebrate and entertain! This was the centerpiece Marilyn had on the table. I can't remember the name of it now, darn!! Didn't take my stickie's with me!
Marilyn outdid herself with all the hostess favors and the beautiful table setting. Everyone had their own personal 'green' tinted carmel corn bag and Hersey candies.

And the main course!! The corned beef was wonderful! And that's saying a lot from this non beef eater! Of course, my sitting partner, Mr. O'Newman did encourage me to try the corn beef (again and again!). It was great! We had potatoes, carrots, soda bread and cream cheese/jello mold with a shamrock on top! I can't say enough what a wonderful job Marilyn did on this meal!
Here are our Hostess and Host! Thank you both, again!!! What a fun evening!!!
Mrs. Verna O'Newman made a wonderful cheesecake and chocolate covered strawberries which were delicious!! The cheesecake was to die for!!!
And here are the O'Ziel's! This is my QBF (quilting best friend!)

And here's Mr. O'Hamill. He had to sit in the corner as he was misbehaving! No really...Pat's better half was home ill with a very bad sinus infection. Hope you feel better Mrs. Pat!! We missed you but I'll bring margarita's to our get together in 2010!
And here are the O'Miller's along with Susan. Of course Larry was in his usual mischievous mood...telling blonde jokes! That's ok...Jan and I had our own 'blonde' stories to tell!
We had such a great time with all of these folks. We're going to miss spending time with each of them but look forward to next year to meet up with them all again!! And to Marilyn and John, THANK YOU again!!!

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