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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm a day behind! On Monday, Susan and I had a very enjoyable afternoon purchasing fabric and having lunch, of course! You know we 'girls' have to keep our energy level up. We started the morning off driving to the Whippoorwill Station quilt shop in Belleview, about 30 min. from here. We've been to this shop a few times and it's a cheery, friendly store. Nice and bright inside and lots of fabrics to choose from. I still needed some fabric for the 'graduation' quilt and I did find one of the two I was looking for. Actually, I found some binding fabric as well.
Our next stop was for lunch! Which was right next door...really, you literally walk into the little restaurant through an open doorway from the quilt shop. It's called Presto Espresso and I had a fantastic chicken salad sandwich and an espresso, of course! Susan had the turkey club which she said was very good as well.
My lunch! Chicken breast chunks and dried cherries along with celery, etc. Yum! Can you tell I love food!!

So after we were refreshed we headed back to Ocala and stopped at another quilt shop in Ocala, called Tomorrow's Treasures. This quilt shop is close to home and nice to be able to run to. It too is a nice store and a Bernia dealer. I found the 2nd fabric I needed for the quilt which made me happy. So I'm not mentioning Susan's purchases! Yes, she did purchase some great pieces as well. Susan does hand work and hand applique so she picks up fat quarters and some yardage. She has a beautiful stain glass picture that she's going to make into an applique piece this coming summer and she did find some nice fabrics for that. Her current project consists of 256! two inch squares! 256!! It's stunning and she's in the process of getting ready to hand quilt it. Susan will be entering this quilt in shows so I won't post pictures until after her first win. I held back taking a picture because of that. Maybe I'll sneak just one of the squares so everyone can appreciate the work involved.

So that night after working hard fabric shopping, Bob and I decided @ 6:00 p.m. to go to Cody's for dinner...bad mistake...we ate all the wrong food and had Bloody Mary's which felt like they weighed a ton...then last night, Tuesday, Larry and Jan invited us out to dinner again. But actually, we ate 'better' and had a really good meal. I had a Kicken' Chicken salad with black beans, corn, cheese, grilled chicken and it was quite good. Bob had fish and grilled vegetables. We actually ate better and felt good! OK, so truth be known, Larry treated us to Dairy Queen!!! We haven't had a Blizzard in a year so that was quite a nice treat. We had our 'ice cream' treats and nice conversation then headed home. Larry and Jan are so much fun to be around and we're going to miss them along with so many of our other Ocala friends.

Our weather has been just perfect this past week. It's in the high 70's or low 80's every day..clear sky and just beautiful. So that's all until tomorrow. Today is quilting day on my Musings piece...lots of work left to do and I need to have finished by the 3rd week in March!!

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