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Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday & Gustav Klimt

Well, I'm finished with my Inspired by the Master's piece by Klimt. Here was the picture I used as my inspiration. Now keep an open mind and remember this is my interpretation of this picture put into fabric! You can click on any of the pictures to get a closer look.
This was some commercial fabric I used for my background. I free motion quilted first.
I took some hand dyed fabrics I had and wove them together making one large piece. Then I cut and sliced that woven (blue) fabrics into three different sections. This is before they were quilted on.
I fused the woven sections on top of my quilted background and then free motion quilted them to the background. Lots of quilting!
I added some other embellishments and I'll post the finished picture later this week. I'm waiting for Carol to come over to work on a quillow for her grandson.

Sun is out and even though the temp is only 47 it's still a beautiful day to be outside! I took Mandy with me to the post office this a.m. and for a quick walk. Bob's off golfing outside of the community today and tonight we are going to Longhorn's Steak House to celebrate Tony's birthday with Carol, Sammy and Peggy. Good food (we've eaten there before) and company so it should be a nice evening.

At the art fair this weekend, there was a young lady who takes photographs of animals, flora, fauna and manipulates them into Mandala's on canvas. They were just beautiful and so unique. I just sent my daughter her web site to take a look, since Dawn also takes wonderful photos. Anyway, check out Brett Miley's web site to see some of her work. Very talented young lady and nice as could be.

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