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Thursday, March 5, 2009

El Toreo Night!

Yep, it was 99 cent Margarita night at El Toreo's! This is one of Bob's and my favorite places to eat. OK, the 99 cent Margarita's are a good attraction as well, but we do enjoy the food. Last night there were 10 of us enjoying the food, drink and conversation.
Next to Bob's left are Marilyn and John. Marilyn is the Crock Pot Queen lady who made us a wonderful dinner a few weeks ago. She can do more with a crock pot the anyone I know and the food is GREAT! John is another golfing buddy of Bob's and they have a great time doing so. John always has great stories to tell.
The lady in the green is Pat (her hubby's pic is upcoming). I've gotton to talk with Pat more this year and she's quite a nice lady. I think I've talked her into trying the Margarita's next time! They were good weren't they, Pat! Next to Pat is Carol and Tony. Carol & Tony are our friends who moved here from Michigan and enticed us to rent here in Ocala Palms. We'll always be greatful for their recommendation and friendship. Next to Tony is our friend Larry. I have a picture of Jan (Larry's better half) but it's not very flattering so I won't post it! Jan is a great cook and fun lady to be with and I'd like to see her again..hence, I deleted the picture! See I'm a nice person, Jan! Jan and Larry were hosts to us on Valentine's day so you can see a great picture of them on my previous post here and read more about them.

The gentleman on the left/front is Pat (yes, his wife has the same name - she was the lady in green). Bob golfs a lot with Pat (not the wife!) and they have a blast. Lots of laughter but Bob said Pat points a lot. Bob seem to think Pat's using the wrong finger when he does point. Hmmmm Larry is at the end of the table and Jan to Bob's right.

We really had such a great time. I don't want to mention any names, but one of our group (Larry) is a little (no pun intended!) bugger! Between this fellow (Larry) and Bob the laughter gets a little loud. One night at a restaurant last year, we were asked by someone at another table to tone it down. Geezzzz...we're just a group of old folks having a good time. Anyway, this person (Larry) in our group had the waitress going and laughing with us. Something about this person (Larry!) taking the silverware or her pen. I couldn't hear it all. But it was so funny and we just had a ball! Anyway, I don't want to mention this person's name (LARRY!) but we didn't get kicked out!
So another beautiful day today in the high 60's or low 70' back home is going to up in the 40's so all in all a nice day for everyone. I'm off to WalMart, post office then back home to work on my Musings quilt! Until tomorrow.....

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