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Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Ramblings

Check out this picture Bob took before 7 this a.m. Isn't it neat!! I think back home we are just too busy to take time to see what we see here in Florida. Guess that's what vacations are all about, isn't it! Taking time to see and appreicate things and each other. So yesterday, Bob and his buddies went outside the community to golf. I took off in the morning to run some errands then came back to start packing up the sewing room. Well, I finished the entire room in the afternoon! All my sewing supplies, dyes, paints, books, etc. are all packed up and ready to go in the car, with the exception of my fabrics. I put my fabrics in the box our printer is in to protect it and to be able to take more fabric with me!

Around 3:30, I was totally finished (& I had packed one suitcase of turtle necks, etc.) so I was ready for a Margarita to reward myself. But being alone, I didn't think I should start drinking already! So I called my friend, Carol in Michigan, who I haven't talked to in awhile. As we were talking, she said "now you can do handwork since all your artwork is packed up". Well, last night, with nothing on TV and not in the mood to read, I got thinking that I didn't keep any hand work out. So....I went through my fabrics and found this piece that Dawn made (it's discharged with bleach, then stamped with hand made stamps and metallic paints). I found a backing piece, some batting, basted it and started to do some hand stitching on it last night!
This is one of the hand stamped areas where I started some hand work.

Here is another area where I started stitching. I'll stitch all the colored areas and I'll do the old 'stab' stitch in all the black areas as well. You know the saying about 'idle hands are the devils workshop' or something like that! Guess that's why I have to always be busy!

On another friends back home know that I don't shop for clothes. I usually only go shopping twice a year and each time it's with a friend named, Carol. Carol T. takes me shopping about once a year in Michigan and Carol P., here in Florida, takes me often, which is fun. I just don't usually like to never can find anything and the clothes just aren't for us 'mature' women. Well, tomorrow, Sat. Carol P. and I are heading out at 8 AM to go to a big sale at Christopher & Banks! It's 40% off so we couldn't resist. I think this is a hoot just because I don't shop but here I am getting up at 6 Sat. morning, so I can get a 40% bargain on clothes! Go figure!

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