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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday and countdown

I forgot to post about a vendor at the Master Garden show yesterday. This young lady has wonderful handmade pottery that looks like wood. Check out her web site at Leaping Lizards Pottery . I just love this piece on her web site and she had one almost identical at the show. I really had to keep my hands in my pocket because I wanted this vase badly. The artist, Jennifer Browning, also has garden lanterns that are just as beautiful. She does ship anywhere!!! So who knows.....

Sunday is suppose to be a day of rest but I'd settle for a night of rest! Bob and I both feel like we're sleep deprived! Remember those days of getting up with babies every 2 or 3 hours..well, that's what it seems we do every night. No wonder we wake up tired in the morning. When you do wake up at night it's SO hard to go back to sleep. I lay awake for at least one to two hours, then sleep, then wake up again to start this cycle all over again. Who says old folks don't need sleep!

Well, our time in Florida is counting down. We have so many folks we want to see 'one more time' before we go home. Our social calendar is getting full but that's OK, we can rest when we get back to Michigan and settle into our old routine again. The next two and a half weeks are going to be very busy. We usually meet with Ron, MJ and kids in Clermont (half way point for both of us) while they are in Orlando for spring break. I also have a 3 day workshop that same week with Ricky Tims, Libby Lehman and Alex Anderson so it's going to be very busy for sure! Not quite sure when I'll do the packing! Maybe when I wake up at night I should just get up and pack! Now there's an idea! Waste not, want not!

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