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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Frogs Are Traveling!

Whoopee! I'm really excited that my frogs where juried into the SAQA (Studio Art Quilts Associates) A Sense of Humor exhibition! The 'frogs' will travel to Houston this fall, then on to Chicago in the spring of 2010 then to California in summer of 2010! All of the juried quilts will be on exhibit at the IQA's (International Quilt Association) shows as part of SAQA's exhibit. Here is a list of the other lucky folks whose work was also accepted:

Pam RuBert was the juror for "A Sense of Humor," which will premiere at the International Quilt Festival in Houston in October. Curator is Pat Gould.

Artists and Works Selected:
Laurie Brainerd -- The American Dream
Judith Busby -- Thanks, Miracle Grow!
Sheri Cooper -- Joan of Park #1
Jamie Fingal -- Molar Eclipse
Monique Gilbert -- No Milk Today
Terry Ann Hartzell -- Jumbo Shrimp
Terry Ann Hartzell -- Sock Poppin' Kickapoo Kangaroo
Beatrice Hughes -- Ties at the Office
Harumi Iida -- Lost Bee
Ellie Kreneck -- At Home with St Jerome and His Lion in West Texas
Pat Kroth -- Sweet
Larrea -- The Dark Side of Quilts
Carol Larson -- Anti-Aging: Chemical Warfare
Salli McQuaid -- Starry Flight
Susie Monday -- Sun Dog and Sea Harpies
Susie Monday -- Too Much Information
V’Lou Oliveira -- Digger's Dream Date
Robbie Payne -- Waiting to be Kissed
Helen Remick -- Walking the Dog
Kim Ritter -- A Snowball's Chance
Joan Sowada -- Late Bloomer Learning to Surf
Joan Sowada -- Busy Purple
Susan Walen -- Self Portrait: If You're Happy & You Know It
Laura Wasilowski -- Threading the Needle
Deborah Weir -- That's A Moray
Marianne Williamson -- Child's
Kathy York -- Duck and Cover

And speaking of frogs...each year in late February or early March, we hear loud (and I do mean loud!) frog noises each night. One year the back yard was covered with baby frogs! This year the frog noise wasn't as bad but still quite loud. We're still hearing them at night but haven't seen too many of them in the yards. This little guy was on the front glass door about a week ago. He sat on the storm door for the longest time and finally moved his little legs close to his body just after I took this shot. Guess he was in for the night! His body is so translucent looking that it's kinda weird looking! Or down right scary!

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