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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Is this Michigan?

It was only 21 degrees at 7:15 a.m.! Not sure but did we go back to Michigan? Or am I wait, it's Florida. The sun is shining that's how I know! It's supposed to get in the high 50's today and the wind isn't as bad as it was yesterday. It still beats -18 which is what it was back home @ 7:00 a.m.!
OK, back to fiber work. Here's a quick peak at some beading I've been doing for a project. I quilt the fabric then cut out the shape I want, then bead. Pretty much the same process I did for the leaves for the Tree Project. I really enjoy beading or any type of hand work.
Now on to knitting. Here's a hat and skirt (I know they both look like hats!) I made for Amber's Nicki doll. Nicki is one of the 'retired' American Girls. She's around 18" tall and I found some free knitted patterns on the Internet for her. Next I'll look for Bitty Baby patterns. Have to be fair to all of Amber's dolls. Anyway, I hope they'll make a nice birthday gift for Amber.
Speaking of knitting...check out these LITTLE outfits! You have to look at the web site of Althea Crome. Her site is called 'BugKnits' and she makes miniature knitted outfits! Now these are small. Just look at these outfits she's made. You can see her fingers in this picture so you know the outfit is really small! And the detail on the cable sweater! I couldn't do that well on a sweater for myself let alone a tiny one. I think she uses 000 needles!
Althea also sells patterns for her outfits. I'm not sure what you would do with these little things. But I'm still so impressed with the workmanship! Check out her 'runway' for the dolls. Impressive for sure!

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  1. Thanks Grandma, Nicki will be so excited...We won't mention anything to the Bitty Twins... ;-)

    Luv, Amber


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