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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mayberry or Twilight Zone

Mayberry or Twilight Zone were the words one merchant described the town of Micanopy, Fl. Micanopy is where Carol, Peggy and I spent yesterday afternoon walking, shopping and eating. This town is so quaint but yet some business were quite upscale. Each of the stores are located in very, very old buildings with each room FILLED to the brim with merchandise. The book stores did remind you of a Stephen King novel and you were waiting for the villain to come out and ask if you wanted to give your soul to him! I was really impressed with one of the book stores. This particular one (again was filled!) had each category listed above the books. You knew exactly where each type of book was located. How impressive for an antique book store! I lost count of the number of rooms holding books.
So this is the first building we approached upon arriving. And with 'food' on our minds we stopped in for a lunch. The cafe is on the right side and our lunch was great! We each had stuffed tomato with chicken salad on lettuce with a vinaigrette dressing. The plate was huge! But 'waste not, want not' so we ate almost the entire meal. Well, we had a lot of walking to do so we needed our energy!
The store on the left called Shady Oak Gallery looked like just a stain glass merchant but they were more then an art glass studio. They carried stain glass and did workshops in addition to fine jewelry, local art and gifts. They also have a bed and breakfast which looked quite nice on their web site.
This is where we ate our lunch.
Even Elvis was in Micapony!

We had a really nice day and it's so much fun to see different areas of Florida. I always thought of Miami and congestion whenever I thought of Florida. But coming to Ocala and visiting the surrounding areas over the past five years has certainly changed my mind. That was the first thing Bob and I noticed when we came here five years ago was seeing birch trees and pine trees and no palm trees! We thought we couldn't be in Florida! We felt like we were up north Michigan. Maybe that's why we like Florida in the winter. OK, the warm weather helps, doesn't it!

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