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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine Dinner, Elvis & Taboo!

Here are our host and hostess for the Valentine's Dinner we went to last night. This is Jan and Larry. Aren't they the cutest couple! And to boot they are definitely made for one another. Fun to be around and as nice as can be.

They put on a fantastic dinner for 10! We had wonderful drinks and appetizer's (which I forgot to take pics of!) and conversation before the Asian dinner Jan prepared. After dinner Larry waited on the tables by delivering a heart shaped, strawberry filled cake along with ice cream. We all felt like we were in an upscale restaurant. Although we didn't tip Larry! Food was just wonderful! And just as wonderful was the company. I didn't post pictures of all of the guests as I didn't ask if they minded if I would post their pictures (I did ask Jan and Larry). I read in one of those 'columns' in the paper some one complained that their 'friend' posted pictures of the on their blog and they didn't like that. So...I'll wait until I find out if the other couples would mind. I only took a few pics and I'm sure they were not the ones who wrote into the newspaper! They are too nice of people!
Now does this beautiful woman look like she would have two men in her life? Well, she does! Elvis isn't only in the building but he lives at Jan's home!
In fact, this is Elivs' bedroom! Yep, he has his own room! An entire room just for him!
And he has his own bathroom! Complete with a shower curtain of himself! I told you Jan was a wonderful woman! And Larry is so sweet to allow this 'man' to live with Jan!
Only problem with Elvis was he didn't really want to sing to us! I thought that was rather rude but he did talk to us. This poster, I mean Elvis, actually talked! What a hoot!

OK, back to the dinner. This was the table setting for 10 people. It was beautiful!
Jan has several collections in addition to Larry & Elvis. She also collects vintage salt containers and vintage salt dishes. Jan also collects lighthouses which were displayed in her kitchen. She had some beautiful ones and a glass lighthouse that changed colors. Very wonderful collections.
So after that wonderful dinner and dessert, Jan talked us all into playing a game. It's called TABOO and it was fun! Everyone got into the 'game' playing and overall we did quite well with men against the women. Of course the women won! 10 to 9! If you want a good game to play with couples or family this is fun game. Taboo is a game where you try to get your team to guess the secret word, without using the five Taboo clues. So if the secret word is "kitten," you can't say "meow", "cat", "purr", "furry", or "animal". We did cheat a little and used gestures, which I guess you aren't supposed to do. It was hard at times to not use those 'five Taboo clues'.
So that was our Valentine's evening and it was one Bob and I will remember for quite sometime. Just a wonderful time with friends and we thank Jan and Larry for a memorable evening.

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  1. Sounds like an absollutely LOVELY party, Robbie! And I LOVE taboo. I actually used to use it when I taught high school English. Great for vocabulary development (but I kept the buzzer away from them LOL).


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