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Saturday, February 14, 2009

King Payne

No,I'm not talking about Bob here (King Payne!) but the original King Payne and his 'tribe' or family who lived and developed Payne's Prairie. The story of Payne's Prairie is so interesting, Bob is actually reading a book given to him on how Payne's Prairie came to be. I might have to read the book as well now that we've walked the land.
We had a beautiful day to walk through this preserve and see the wildlife. We didn't get to see any bison or wild horses as that walk was quite a distance from the two areas we did visit. There are so many different trails you can walk, ride a bike or horseback.
Just some lazy alligators resting.
We did see at least a dozen of these guys resting in and out of the water. We thought we might witness them getting their dinner as there was a small bird in the water eating bugs. He had no fear at all and would walk around by all the alligators heads! I kept thinking I'd be filming a sad story..but fortunately he flew away after about 10 min.
When we left the park, we decided a shake would taste out came the portable navigation system and we looked up one of our favorite places, Steak 'n Shake! We were only a few miles from there so off we headed. But wait...Bob thought we were close to the Saturn dealership so change the address in the nav system and off to the dealership we went! Then back to Steak 'N Shake! This is Bob's favorite shake and it is good. I just had a boring chocolate...ok, it had chocolate chips and hot fudge in it as well! Really good.
We got home around 3, took Mandy for a golf cart ride then left at 4:30 for dinner with friends. Just a busy life here in sunny Florida...temp was 80 in the afternoon but again that nice breeze...didn't feel like 80! Today Bob is going with a friend to a car show then we off, yep again!, to dinner with some other couples. Great friends and great company in our winter paradise.

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