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Monday, February 2, 2009

Some art work

Well, it was in the 50's when we got up this a.m. A change from frost on the ground yesterday for sure! So I've been busy sewing and trying to be creative. Here are some fiber cards I made for some friends birthday's. I printed the silhouettes onto my hand dyed fabric then free motion stitched and hand stitched on them.

Another project I've been working on are leaves. These are for the International Tree Project, Interdependence. Participants from around the world are invited to create leaves to contribute to the creation of a tree. In total, up to 30,000 leaves may be used. They'll be placing fabric sleeves on the branches and trunks then attaching the leaves sent in. The International Fiber Collaborative participates will create a full-sized tree for display in April 2009 at Big Springs International Park in Huntsville, Alabama. For my leaves, I quilted some fabric in a leaf pattern. Then I cut out each leaf and added beads to the outside. I still have one leaf left to bead then I'll get them sent into the project. They are fun to do and my 'test' for another project that is due in the summer. I have my 'idea/design' for the Art of Nature traveling exhibit I participate in each year using leaves and cutting out your quilt! Sounds bad but I'm hoping it will work. You can read more about the Michigan Quilt Artist Invitational at my friend Mary's web site.
Here are the 3 leaves I'll be sending into the tree project.

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