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Thursday, February 19, 2009

A good dad

I've always thought my son was a good dad and tries to be a good example to Amber and Nick. I received this email today from Darrin. The kids have enjoyed selecting items for Darrin to pack up each month. I've been to the house when the kids will grab a protein bar or a new package of chap stick to place in the box. They would also go as a family to Costo (just like Sam's Club) and pick up treats to send to the troupes. Here's the email Darrin sent out this a.m.

Over the past 9+ months, our family has been sending care packages each month to the Marines in Iraq along with goodies to GySgt. Gary Morrell and this past week both of our kids received a very special package from GySgt. Morrell and the Marines in Iraq to thank them both for all the things they have done. The kids wanted to share with everyone what they had received…see the attachment. Amber received the same for her school (Clear Lake Elem. Oxford) along with the flag shown in the picture with GySgt. Morrell (on the left in picture.) On 02/19/09 GySgt. Morrell will arrive home after his 3rd tour…The Soukup’s are planning on showing up at the airport to help Welcome him home and say Thank You for all he has done.

This is the certificate that was sent to Nick. I'm sure he was quite excited to show at his school.
I think this is a good example of showing support in our own little way to our troops. They really have sacrificed so much for us to live the life we each have.

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