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Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Blog Late

Well, I wanted to take off early and get some grocery shopping and errands run before I started my day. Turned out I just got back shortly ago so already I'm behind! So to catch up on my blog writing for the are some pics from the Warped Weaver's show and tell this past Sat. These women are so talented! And forgive me ladies...I didn't remember all of your names!!!!

This is a beautiful smocked/beaded purse by Theo
Theo also wove and made this pillow
Caryl showed 3 knitted panels her mother made. They are beautiful. Also, Caryl has been kind enough to allow us to meet in her home for the past 2 months & also next month!

These are leaves made for the Tree Project . I'm sorry but I can't remember the lady's name!! Forgive me!!
This is just a portion of the quilt Susan has been winning at quilt shows with. You have to see this in person to appreciate it. The stars are all reverse appliqued! That's unusual for stars in a quilt. They are usually pieced and end up in rows. Beautiful work. This is another quilt Susan just finished. It's for the Keepsake challenge for 2009. The basket is woven with her fabrics.
Yep, the Queen of Purple actually works in colors other then purple! But infrequently. This is actually a pot holder. We think she has big pots in her house! This bugger is close to 10" square!
Again, not sure of the name..but this was beautiful! You'll see a closeup of the pattern in the next picture.
Here's the detail
I'm anxious for next month as one of the ladies, Theo, is going to present to us Weaving 101! She's going to go over some terminology of weaving and cover the basics. I'm really looking forward to getting a better understanding of weaving. I've always appreciated what weavers do but at least now (I hope!) I'll know some of their buzz words!

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