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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More food and fun

This morning, Bob and I took off to guess what! SHOP! Yep. Well, we haven't been shopping for a few weeks! Bob found some great bargains and did get some new outfits. This is the first year I haven't found any thing in the stores, which is ok.
Bob's left for golfing now so I'm doing some laundry (the washer here is quite small so you are doing lots of laundry!), computer work then to work on my Klimt challenge piece!
Yesterday, I took Mandy to the dogie park here in the community. We met up with Bailey and his mom, Cheryl. Bailey is the cutest dog!! What a sweetheart and he has his own golf cart! Yep, the name on the golf cart is 'Bailey's Cart'! Do we spoil our dogs or what! But that's OK. Here's a picture I took of Bailey (left) meeting up with Mandy from my cell phone. Of course, Mandy doesn't play with any dog other then Cody so she and Bailey just walked around the park. They were so cute!!! I don't have connections to upload from my cell phone so this picture will have to do.

Marilyn and John invited us to their house for dinner last night. I'm going to call Marilyn the Crock Pot Queen! She can cook anything in her crock pot including Sangria! When we went to Marilyn and John's for a New Year's Day celebration she made a fantastic taco dish called 'Breakfast Migas' in her crock pot. Last night Marilyn started us off with some wine from Michigan! and appetizers that were puff pastry with artichoke filling in one and a spinach/cheese filling in the other. Yum! Her main course was Coq Au Vin which she cooked in the crock pot and was it ever good! Chicken and wine, what could be better! Here's a picture which represents what we had, plus, Marilyn had roasted potatoes (sweet and white) and carrots along with oil and some great spices for dipping our bread.
I made the old cherry cheesecake standby for dessert, using fat free cream cheese and fat free evaporated sweetened milk. We finished our meal with coffee and dessert and then talking, which for those who know Bob and I was right up our alley!
All in all we had such a pleasant evening with food and conversation! We didn't get home until almost 10 so you know we were enjoying ourselves! We did get to listen to the end of President Obama's speech when we got home. He is so eloquent and certainly gives you a feeling that he is a leader! So until tomorrow!

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  1. The food sounds SO good, and YES, the dogs are adorable! glad you're enjoying yourself!


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