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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What happened to Monday!

Yikes! Not sure what all I did yesterday other then I some quilting (after my cleaning and a load of laundry) but I was delinquent about a blog entry! Guess nothing of note worthy was happening. Bob and I did run some errands this a.m. and enjoyed the beautiful weather. It's only 58 but feels like 70 with a breeze. Bob's leg and hip are feeling better so he decided to golf after all today.
So here's what Bob's wearing on his leg now. Looks pretty cute doesn't it! OK, so it's not Bob's leg! But you get the idea! We did pick up two other small braces today which he'll try tomorrow. Actually one of them is for an elbow (for a giant by the size of it!) and it appears it would work for his leg. So he'll try that one and another smaller version. Bob's love of golf is like my love of creating fiber art. He's willing to try anything to keep himself on the golf course. So between Tylenol Gel tabs, Glucosamine and braces we're hoping for the best!
I want to try and get some more work finished today on the Inspired by Masters challenge our small fiber group is doing. In this challenge, there are six 'painting masters' ; Klimt, Beardsley, Hokusai, Mucha, Hundertwasser & one more TBD. We are then creating an art quilt from our interpretation of that artists work. What's nice about this challenge is you don't have to do all six, you can do one or five or three...whichever artist inspires you. I finished my piece inspired by Aubrey Beardsley which you can see here. Now I'm working on a piece inspired by Klimt. I made good headway yesterday afternoon now I'm just tweaking some of my free motion quilting then I'll add some embellishment(s). I would post the pictures the pieces some of the ladies have finished but they are looking at putting an exhibit on for next fall so I'll wait until our first showing. We're hoping to have at least 20 pieces completed for the exhibit. So I better get to work! Until tomorrow!

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