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Sunday, February 1, 2009

33 and rising!

I going to predict the Super Bowl winner....Arizona. It's really hard to pick either team! I'm from Pittsburgh but I'd like to see Arizona win just because they haven't won a Super Bowl. It will be a good game to watch!
There was frost on the ground again today! But it's already gone with the sun shining. I did finish quilting another piece I'm working on for the Aussome Fiber group I belong to. I'll post pictures next week as they meet the 2nd Thursday of the month. I'm finishing up my 'leaf' for the Tree Project and I'll be starting on two other projects I need completed before the end of March.
I'm still knitting Barbie clothes, but my daughter just gave me another idea. She suggested I find some patterns for the American Girl doll Amber has. Sure enough I found several sites with free patterns! Here's picture of one of the patterns which looks really easy. There are several patterns on this site. Guess I better get busy!

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