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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Friends and stuff

This is Mandy's boyfriend back in Michigan, Cody. I know, I know, he's a little short for her but Mandy is very particular about the men in her life and when she met Cody there was an instant attraction. Cody's mom sent this picture and you can see how lonely he looks! When they come over to check on our house, Cody's mom says he looks around like "where's everyone at". Really he is thinking "where's my girfriend'! We really appreciate Cody and his mom checking on the house and keeping an eye out on everything.

Speaking of friends...if you're looking for some inspiration, do check out Joanne's blog, An Open Book. Joanne is the wife of someone I worked with at EDS several years ago (yikes! it was a LONG time ago). I think there are so many 'art' forms and I consider Joanne's writings creative art! I'm so impressed with her stories and daily blog writings and I think you will be as inspired and entertained as I am.

We're having the last (so says the weather man!) of our cold days. The wind is expected to get up to 25 mph today! Sun is shining and you don't realize how cold it is outside until you go outside. Bob isn't planning on golfing today because the wind would carry the ball off to never, never land! It's supposed to get in the high 70's and 80's next week so it will be back to normal Ocala weather. The nice part of being here in the winter is the lack of the humidity you get in the southern part of Florida. There seems to always be a slight breeze (not like today!) so you don't feel the 80 degree weather.
So another good day to sew and paint some fabric. I'm playing with making 'paper fabric' and using Tsukineko Walnut Inks. I bought some of these at Michael's using my 50% coupon! And they are interesting to play with. The kit I have contains four different colors, shades of Terra Cotta, Eucalyptus, Java and Walnut. You just need to get comfortable with the spraying part as it's easy to get 'blobs' or dots on your piece. I made one small piece yesterday of fabric paper with some used coffee filters and other throw a ways! It's rather a dark piece but I think I can brighten it up with thread work. Pics to come! Enjoy the day!

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  1. Thanks, Robbie, for the "plug." You are very sweet. That is one cute dog, there - I can see why Mandy might be sad and lonely! ;)


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