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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weaver's Guild Challenge

For my fiber friends (and those who might be curious!), the Florida Weaver's guild met yesterday for our monthly meeting and we had the unveiling of our 'stash bag challenge'. Each participate had the same 'stash' to make something with. It was amazing to see so many different techniques and items made from this stash! We had dolls, boxes, books, totes & toys just to name a few. Two women were not able to make the meeting but they did mail their finished challenge. Here are some of the individual pics of what everyone made. I"m sorry I don't have everyone's name(s)! Click on pics to see closeup of what everyone did.

Here are ladies (minus two) that participated in the challenge!

This is an 'idea' box
This is toy

This is Pandora's box

This was an altered book I made

A doll

A quilted piece (she's going to mount it)

Another doll

A quilt

A tote for sewing items

A kite!

Another doll! Each one so different!

My friend Susan made this box

Another side of Susan's box

I'm so impressed with all the different techniques and ideas! What fun! Can't wait until next year's challenge which may be ATC's (Artist Trading Cards). Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the quilt Susan made using some very old quilt blocks my daughter had. Dawn was going to give the blocks away but I hid them in my sewing room...I just couldn't part with them because they were so old. Well, Susan put them together into a wonderful quilt. She actually ended up making another smaller quilt (tied) because she did cut up some of the blocks and felt guilty.
I'm off to work on my frog piece! The days are dwindling down!

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